💵 Check your paycheck: Property Services Raises in 2020!

Congratulations, because you raised your voice at work, in your community, and in our political process, all property services workers across SEIU Local 105 are receiving a raise in their paychecks this year!

What made the difference?

  • Winning progressive wage raises in our recent contract negotiations.
  • Supporting the ballot initiative to raise Colorado’s state minimum wage.
  • Electing a #UnionsForAll Denver City Council that passed a citywide minimum wage raise last year.

You can continue to make a difference in 2020 by joining the Committee On Political Education, COPE!

The only way we can fix this rigged economy for the wealthy is if working people fight to elect candidates who value, believe in, and will stand up for making it easier for all workers to join unions. Learn more here.

Scroll down to find your contract and review the updated wage scales for this year! If you find any issues with your paycheck, contact your steward or organizer!

Master Contract

Effective January 1st, 2020

Note, wages differ depending on whether if you work inside our outside of the city limits of Denver.

Downtown, Zones 1-4 Floaters

YearDENVER 2020Outside of Denver

Zones 5-8

YearsDENVER 2020Outside of Denver
1 Year$13.25$12.55
2 Years$13.25$12.65
3 Years$13.50$12.75

100K Square Feet or Less , Downtown & Zones 1-8

YearsDENVER 2020Outside of Denver
1 Year$13.25$12.55
2 Years$13.25$12.65
3 Years$13.50$12.75


All employees received a 10% increase effective Dec. 22nd, 2019

Armed 1< 1 Year$18.83
Armed 21-3 Years$18.74
Armed 33+ Years$19.22
Security Agent 1< 6 Months$15.97
Security Agent 2< 6 Months – 1 Year$16.53
Security Agent 31-3 Years$16.96
Security Agent 43+ Years$17.03

Convention Center – Building Services

Building Service Worker+3.5%
New Hire $13.79

Window Cleaners – Airport

Effective January 1st, 2020

Wage IncreaseNew Base Wage

HSS – Airport

Effective April 1st, 2020

Security Officers and TQM

1 Year$16.13
2 Years$16.34
3 Years$16.55
4 Years$16.76
5 Years$16.97
10 Years$17.19
15 Years$17.40
20 Years$17.61

Other Positions

TQM Lead $18.57
AOB Receptionist $18.57
Acting Trainer$ 17.77
Acting Supervisor$ 18.83

Sodexo – Airport

Food Service Workers / Janitors

Year 1$13.55$14.00
Year 2$14.05$14.50
Year 3$14.55$15.00


Year 1$13.38$13.83
Year 2$13.63$14.08
Year 3$13.63$15.08

Janitorial – Kaiser

Effective March 1st, 2020

Year 1$13.15
18 Months$15.10

Janitorial – Airport

Effective September 15th, 2020

Custodian I$16.43
Custodian II$16.78