2023 Denver Elections Endorsements (On to the Runoffs!)

UPDATE: WE WON! After the votes were counted from the elections on April 4th, EVERY ONE of our endorsed candidates either won outright or advanced to the runoff! We’d like to thank everyone who donated their time to come out and help get these worker champions elected! Here are our endorsed candidates that won outright in April:

  • ✅ Amanda Sandoval, Denver City Council District 1
  • ✅ Kevin Flynn, Denver City Council District 2
  • ✅ Jamie Torres, Denver City Council District 3
  • ✅ Diana Romero Campbell, Denver City Council District 4
  • ✅ Amanda Sawyer, Denver City Council District 5
  • ✅ Paul Kashmann, Denver City Council District 6
  • ✅ Stacie Gilmore, Denver City Council District 11
  • ✅ Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, Denver City Council At-Large Seat
  • ✅ Sarah Parady, Denver City Council At-Large Seat
  • ✅Paul Lopez, Clerk and Recorder

Our fight is not over yet, though. The runoff elections take place in Denver on June, 6th, 2023, and we’re going to keep showing up to get our candidates across the finish line!

As a reminder, each of these candidates went through 105 member-led candidate interviews and have demonstrated their commitment to working families across our Denver communities. They understand the challenges faced by working people in our city and are committed to building on the victories we’ve fought so hard to achieve as a union. 

The following SEIU Local 105 endorsed candidates are headed to the runoff, and they need OUR help:

  • ✅ Mike Johnston, Denver Mayor
  • ✅ Flor Alvidrez, Denver City Council District 7
  • Shontel Lewis, Denver City Council District 8
  • Candi CdeBaca, Denver City Council District 9
  • ✅ Chris Hinds, Denver City Council District 10

Desde aumentar los salarios hasta luchar por viviendas asequibles, estos candidatos han demostrado su compromiso de mejorar la vida de las familias trabajadoras en Denver. Su voto tiene el poder de dar forma al futuro de nuestra ciudad, y es fundamental que lo usemos para elegir líderes que luchen por nosotros.


We are in the final stretch for the Denver Municipal Election and we’re working together to elect even more worker champions to move our city and our communities forward!

We have opportunities for you to join other SEIU Local 105 members and get the word out to voters about our union backed candidates.

These elections are often decided by just a few votes, so every bit of effort makes a difference! Join us on the ground by signing up using the button below!

Fechas importantes de las elecciones:

May 15th: Mail-in ballots go out and ballot dropboxes open

June 6th: ¡Último día para votar/Día de las elecciones! Las boletas deben devolverse antes de las 7:00 p. m. y los votantes deben estar en fila antes de las 7:00 p. m. para emitir su voto en persona.