The Trump Shutdown – Notes for Workers

By: Ron Ruggiero, President, SEIU Local 105 Like many of you, we’ve been tracking the dysfunction in our nation’s capitol. As you probably heard, the federal government shutdown at midnight on January 19th, as Republicans chose not to pass a budget that also included the key concerns of their constituents. These concerns included legislation to protect […]

Progress Toward a Living Wage in Colorado

By: Andy Jacob, Political Director Did you know Colorado’s minimum wage increased on New Year’s Day from $9.30 to $10.20 per hour? Raising wages will help Colorado families, communities, and our economy thrive. This is a real victory for workers. But $10.20 is not nearly enough. We’re going to continue fighting to increase the minimum wage until it’s truly […]

Update – Disastrous Tax Bill for Working People

By: Ron Ruggiero, President, SEIU Local 105 If you’re outraged by this GOP tax scam, you’re not alone. Republicans voted again in favor of a bill that gives tax breaks to corporations and the super wealthy at the expense of working families. The GOP tax scam was rushed, unpopular, and it barely passed both chambers […]

A Disastrous Tax Proposal for Working People

By: Ron Ruggiero, President, SEIU Local 105 Do you think rich people and corporations need more help from our government? Neither do I. However, on November 16th, the House of Representatives narrowly passed the Republican party’s tax proposal by a vote of 227 to 205. Even though every Democrat in the House opposed the measure, […]

You fought to protect health care – Now enrollment is open!

We fought to protect the Affordable Care Act, and now the time to enroll has arrived! Open enrollment began on November 1 through our state’s health insurance exchange, Connect for Health Colorado. Open enrollment runs through January 12, but people seeking to be covered in the month of January must enroll by December 15. Contrary to what […]

The American people Won!: The effort to repeal health care failed

Thanks to millions of calls and hundreds of SEIU members and allies, health care repeal failed because people stood up and demanded their members of Congress vote against repeal – people turned out to town halls, called their members and made sure that their voices were heard. A bipartisan majority of Senators rejected efforts to repeal health care and […]

150 Airport Workers Went on STRIKE at DIA!

Employees of PrimeFlight Aviation Services, G2, and AirServ, companies providing cabin cleaning, wheelchair and baggage services at DIA, went on strike Wednesday, July 12. Despite reports that there was no impact to DIA, departure boards showed one airline carrier experienced delays of up to four hours. Denver, CO – In Denver, 152 employees went on strike against three private […]

Vamos a Celebrar!

Last year on J4J Day, we were in the midst of our Master Contract fight. We won a pathway to $15/hour, protection of our benefits and the respect we deserve. Saturday, June 24, 11:00 am, we invite members to join us at SEIU Local 105, 2525 W Alameda Ave., for a short presentation and celebration of everything we’ve accomplished together.

Growing and Moving: Looking Back at 2015

2015 was a year of growth, political power and strengthening the foundation for positive change for working people in 2016. Read the SEIU Local 105 Gazette and learn about how we made a difference. Members should have already received a copy of the SEIU Local 105 Gazette in the mail. If you have not received your copy, […]