KP UPDATE: How to keep prescription co-pays low

Across the country, members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions are united to keep our prescription co-pays from going up. We can achieve this by choosing prescriptions by mail–it’s easier, safer and co-pays are $5, which is cheaper than getting them in person. 3 Simple Ways to Sign Up for Prescriptions by Mail: VISIT […]

KP Local and National Contracts 2019-2023

Click on this link, the image below or visit the section of our website and click on “Contract” to view your finalized local and national agreements!

ℹ️ KP 105 Weekly Updates

SEIU Local 105 Members, We continue to see many issues with payroll this week and are working with Company management on a daily basis to get the most urgent cases addressed. We are seeing:  Missed hours worked  Sick time not being paid correctly  Incorrect vacation accrual Incorrect tax deductions  Just to name a few.  While […]

💜VICTORY! 3% Raises in October

BIG NEWS! It’s official; Kaiser Permanente has made their profit margin in Colorado for this year. What does that mean for healthcare workers?  The 1% lump sum will convert to an additional 1% raise meaning, KP members in Colorado will be receiving a 3% across the board wage increase this October!  Our resolve in reaching this goal during these difficult […]

Recent LPN graduates and what’s next…

Graduation is a milestone that often brings tears of joy mixed with sighs of relief. That mix of emotions comes from a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve done it!  You conquered every challenge your chosen educational path threw at you. There was all that, as well as some well-deserved pride when the third class of […]

KP Priorities Survey

We want to hear from YOU! Fill out our KP priorities survey below or by clicking on this link. Loading…

Kaiser Education Fund

KPCO TRAINING NEEDS SURVEY – WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! Help us identify the training you need most by providing direct feedback. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of offering programs to upgrade the skills of healthcare employees. During the month of May, KPCO employees will get the opportunity to share their […]

🎉 PSP Win!

We have a 2019 PSP update that we believe you will be thrilled to hear. READ MORE.