2023 KP Bargaining Updates

UPDATE 21 – 11/9/2023 We did it! After the largest healthcare worker strike in US history, we secured a landmark agreement that provides a framework for long-term solutions to the short-staffing crisis. This victory was delivered by the sheer grit, unwavering dedication, and unbreakable spirit of our Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Union members. We’ve made […]

PSP Victory!

CONGRATULATIONS, thanks to all the hard work and hundreds if not thousands of conversations you had with your coworkers, YOU WILL BE RECEIVING THE FULL PSP!  YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN! This will be paid out on April 22nd.  It will be the difference between what you received as a “Thank You” bonus and the remaining balance of what […]

200+ KP Members Take Action at ACP

This past Saturday, hundreds of Local 105 members rallied and protested at ACP over KP’s unilateral decision to reduce the PSP to a “thank you bonus”. The energy was extremely high and the message was clear to management – pay us what we earned with a full PSP payout. While management still hasn’t made up […]

TAKE ACTION: Franklin & Skyline Flier on Wednesday

As you probably have heard, KP is pushing some very regressive and anti union proposals in their negotiations with the Alliance unions (We are in the Coalition Unions). Their second class benefits and compensation package for all new hires will make our staffing and retention problems exponentially worse.  On Thursday, we stood with UFCW Local […]

Education Benefits

Click this link or the image below to read about all the benefits you have through the Education Fund!

Questions About KP’s Vaccination Requirement

August 30th Update The Coalition of Kaiser Unions has completed the national bargaining with KP over the vaccine mandate policy. Please see this document for the final version of the policy. Additionally, the Coalition has shared the responses that KP provided to their questions at the national level. Please see their responses here. If you […]

Kaiser PSP Agreement Reached!

After a challenging and drawn-out round of negotiations this year, the leadership of Local 105 has finally finalized an agreement with management around the Performance Sharing Plan bonus, aka the PSP bonus.  The delay and frustration this year has stemmed from working to ensure that the PSP goals are issues that members of 105 can […]

KP UPDATE: How to keep prescription co-pays low

Across the country, members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions are united to keep our prescription co-pays from going up. We can achieve this by choosing prescriptions by mail–it’s easier, safer and co-pays are $5, which is cheaper than getting them in person. 3 Simple Ways to Sign Up for Prescriptions by Mail: VISIT kp.org/pharmacy […]

KP Local and National Contracts 2019-2023

Click on this link, the image below or visit the seiu105.org/kaiser section of our website and click on “Contract” to view your finalized local and national agreements!

ℹ️ KP 105 Weekly Updates

SEIU Local 105 Members, We continue to see many issues with payroll this week and are working with Company management on a daily basis to get the most urgent cases addressed. We are seeing:  Missed hours worked  Sick time not being paid correctly  Incorrect vacation accrual Incorrect tax deductions  Just to name a few.  While […]