KP Bargaining: End of June Update

Kaiser management is showing their greed once again. KP opened up bargaining last week with a contract proposal that demands major cuts, including: Copay increases to $20; More outsourcing and automation of our jobs; Lower pay, elimination of pensions, less time off — starting with new hires, then we’d be next. After raising their CEO’s pay […]

KP Bargaining Update: Corporate Greed

Yesterday, Kaiser presented their economic proposals in bargaining. They are outrageous. Kaiser has money for their CEO to get a 60% pay raise, to $16 million a year. Kaiser has money to build a fancy new 900 million dollar office building in Oakland. But, when it comes to our raises and benefits, they cry poor. Kaiser wants to […]

KP Update: 8,000 Dollars An Hour

(To read our last bargaining update click on this link.) We are just one week away from our next bargaining session with Kaiser Permanente starting June 18th-20th, in Los Angeles, and your Colorado KP coworkers are fired up to demand quality patient care and better working conditions for all. HERE’S WHAT WE’RE DEMANDING: Our FAIR Share. Kaiser made […]

Kaiser Bargaining Update: CO Workers United!

No matter who you are, the work you do, or where you come from, Coloradans are rising in the fight for better lives. CLICK, WATCH, AND SHARE our powerful Facebook video below showing teachers, janitors, grocery clerks, homecare workers and Coloradans from all walks of life taking action for better wages, a voice on the job, and standing in solidarity with the thousands of Kaiser […]

Kaiser Bargaining Update: May 14th-16th

Last week, SEIU members from across the country met in Los Angeles to demand quality patient care and a stronger voice at the table with Kaiser Permanente. SEIU Local 105 members showed their support throughout the region by wearing “Patients First” stickers to work on the first day of bargaining. You sent a strong message to KP that […]

Kaiser Bargaining Update: April 17-18

More than 300 local union member leaders from across the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions met from April 17-18 to mark the start of national bargaining with Kaiser Permanente. After over a year of tension caused by Kaiser illegally refusing to bargain, and members taking action in response, to say there was excitement in the room […]

Kaiser Update: Our actions win the first round!

One year ago, Kaiser walked away from National Bargaining and canceled all other bargaining dates, and for the last year have refused to come back to the table. During that time we signed petitions, purpled up, activated our political power and held info pickets throughout the state. We also have a pending hearing on the NLRB […]

NLRB will prosecute Kaiser for refusing to negotiate

The National Labor Relations Board recently announced that it will prosecute Kaiser Permanente for violating the law by refusing to negotiate a new contract that covers 85,000 employees in eight states and the District of Columbia, and for trying to set conditions on bargaining that would ban unions from engaging in political action that could […]

Post-Election wrap up: member volunteers drive electoral victories

In the months leading up to the Nov. 2018 election, SEIU Local 105 members turned out in historic numbers to support candidates who endorsed the Working People’s Platform.  We supported candidates like Jared Polis and Jason Crow, who will fight for working families. SEIU members across Colorado and our partners spent months leading up to the election […]

Kaiser Bargaining Updates and FAQ

As you may have heard, Kaiser’s been at it again, sending out another misleading email about having a contract with other unions which has caused some confusion throughout the region. Please see our FAQ and quick reference guide below for more information. Or contact a Local 105 organizer or email healthcare@seiu105.org with any questions.