Aurora Elections November 5th!

The Aurora elections are fast approaching, make sure your voice is heard and VOTE on November 5th! Together we raised wages, held leaders accountable, and won better working conditions for workers across Colorado. Janitors, healthcare, and airport workers defended and fought for strong union contracts and WON. Over the past year, workers have had significant victories in job security […]

KP Tentative Agreement Reached!

Our 83,000-member Union Coalition just reached a Tentative Agreement with Kaiser Permanente on a four-year contract that wins on all our bargaining goals and restores a true Labor Management Partnership. Our solidarity and unity made the difference! Our Four-Year Tentative Agreement: 1. Protects good, middle class jobs with . . . Strong across-the-board raises of […]

KP Strike Update: Bargaining Day 1

Today started the last currently scheduled round of bargaining with KP and our over 80,000 #strikeready strong national worker coalition. After setting a national strike date of October 14th last week, healthcare workers across the country have shown KP they are ready to do what it takes for quality patient care. Now it’s up to […]

KP Strike Update: Strike Deadline Announced

National Strike Deadline Announced Last week SEIU 105 Colorado caregivers showed they are willing to do what it takes for good jobs, quality patient care, a real Partnership, and respect at KP. With a 96% YES vote, Colorado joins over 80,000 workers ready to call an unfair labor practice strike if Kaiser management continues to refuse to bargain […]

KP Strike Update: 96% Vote YES to Strike!

Congratulations Colorado! After 3 weeks of voting, YOU voted to get Kaiser Permanente back on track and stand up for respect, good community jobs, quality patient care, and a real partnership again. Over 60% of Colorado’s SEIU 105 members at KP turned out to vote AND 96% OF YOU VOTED YES to authorize a strike, […]

KP Strike Vote Update: It’s Our Turn

Our over 80,000 KP member strong coalition is fired up all across the country. Just last week, 98% of California Kaiser members voted YES to strike if necessary. This week, our coalition partners SEIU Local 49 in Oregon and SW Washington are casting their votes. It’s our turn Colorado! Starting this Monday, August 26th, voting […]

KP Update: Majority of Colorado Ready to Strike

Despite efforts by Kaiser executives to divide and confuse us over the past week, Colorado KP members are showing they’re united and ready to strike if necessary. By Friday, a majority – over 50% – of SEIU Local 105 Kaiser members have signed the pledge to strike! We have to keep up the momentum. Contact your stewards […]

Post-Election wrap up: member volunteers drive electoral victories

In the months leading up to the Nov. 2018 election, SEIU Local 105 members turned out in historic numbers to support candidates who endorsed the Working People’s Platform.  We supported candidates like Jared Polis and Jason Crow, who will fight for working families. SEIU members across Colorado and our partners spent months leading up to the election […]

Coloradans elect a pro-worker majority to state legislature

In a victory for all working people across our state, voters in Colorado elected a pro-worker majority to the state legislature. SEIU Local 105 members helped elect candidates who committed to support the Working People’s Platform, a project which names seven priorities for working families in Colorado: The freedom to form a union without interference or […]

Local 105 members endorse champions of working people

While Colorado’s economy is growing, it’s not benefiting everyone. Despite record corporate profits, most Coloradans, whether white, black, or brown, are making less than they were ten years ago. The cost of living in the state has sky rocketed and rent is rising about six times as quickly as wages. As union members, we’re in […]